Working one-on-one with each guest is, for Kate, the most rewarding part of the work she does. Our guests say I have ‘magic fingers’ because when I am done, they feel as though their worries, stress, aches, and pains have dissolved. Whether it’s massaging someone’s scalp, neck, or shoulders for a 5-minute chair massage or providing an in-home full-body massage, I enjoy helping people feel restored and renewed.
Recognizing that each person has unique challenges and preferences, I use my skills as a massage therapist, along with thoughtful communication, to bring about a relaxing and peaceful session.

Industry Experience
Kate became a cosmetologist in 1997, and a licensed massage therapist in 2006. She received specialized training in a variety of techniques, including scalp massage, hot stones, and pre/postnatal massage, in addition to providing manicures and pedicures.

To help you get to know Deklynd a little better, we asked him to share some information about himself.

Do you have any skills or talents that most people don’t know about?

“It would have to be cooking. I really enjoy it, and most recently I have been making soups. I am having fun experimenting with ingredients and recipes.”

What is your guilty pleasure?

“Believe it or not, I love getting my hair done! When I am not indulging in that guilty pleasure, you’ll find me reading, doing crossword and sudoku puzzles. I can get a bit obsessed with completing them, but really, I just enjoy the mental challenge of puzzles.”

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